Welcome to the arcadia of Tohoku in Japan!
It was a lovely summer day, though very hot, and the snowy peaks of Aizu scarcely looked cool as they glittered in the sunlight.
The plain of Yonezawa, with the prosperous town of Yonezawa in the south, and the frequented watering-place of Akayu in the north, is a perfect garden of Eden,"tilled with a pencil instead of a plough, "growing in rich profusion rice, cotton, maize, tabacco, hemp, indigo, beans, egg-plants, walnuts, melons, cucumbers, persimmons, apricots, pomegranates;a smiling and plenteous land, and an Asiatic Arcadia.
Isabella Byrd, “Nihon Okuchi Kikou” (translated by Kenkichi Takanashi), from Heibonsha Library
Shirataka / Nagai / Iide / Nanyo / Oguni

Two cities and Three towns, Nagai City and Nanyo City, Shirataka Town and Iide Town, Oguni Town, located in the southern part of Yamagata prefecture.
Seasonal flowers are in full bloom on the land where rich water flows.
Original traditional and food cultures exsist.
It is an area blessed with natural resouces.