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Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter
Event name Period
Nagai Cherry blossom festival Mid-April to late April
Akayu Onsen (hot spring) cherry blossom festival Mid-April to early May
Shirataka koten cherry blossom festival Mid to late April
Nagai White Azalea Festival May 10-May 31
Shirakawa Dam Marathon 2nd Sunday in May
Nagai black lion festival Mid-May
Hikking on Hayama mountain Mid-May
White Azalea Marathon Mid-May
Nanyo wine festival 4th Saturday of May
Nagai Iris festival Mid-June to early July
Nagai black cattle festival Mid-June
Nagai traditional street dance / parade Early July
Shirataka Safflower festival Mid-July
Iide lion festival Mid-July to mid-September
Nagai water festival/ Mogami River fire festival Early August
Sky festival Mid June, late September
Nanyo Rose Festival Early June to early July
Iide mountain range Yamagata side mountain opening (held alternately in Iidemachi and Ogunimachi) First Saturday of July
Iide black cow festival First Sunday of July
Kumano-taisha Shrine festival July 24th and 25th
Kojirakawa tengu-zan festival July 23th
Shirakawa dam snow egg festival Last Saturday in July
Soegawa Hot spring Furusato Festival August 14th
Suwa jinja Shrine Festival August 17th
Mezami no sato Festival First Saturday in September
Akayu Onsen (hot spring) Furusato Festival September 2nd Saturday and Sunday
Shirataka Ayu (sweetfish) Festival Mid September
Nagai 1000-nin Imoni-kai Festival(Nagai Thousand -People Imoni Festival) Late September
Bokura no Bungaku Late September
Fox festival Late September
Nanyo Chrysanthemum Festival Early October to early November
Iwaigame-yama Citizen Trekking Early October
Nagai marathon Mid-October
Hayama mountain cleaning trekking Mid-October
Ayukai Hachiman Shrine Festival Mid-October
Flower Nagai line festival Late October
Nagai Dam " Hyakushuko" (Reservoir Lake) Festival Late October
Jo-mon Festival October
Nagai Snow Lantern Lane Festival Early February
Nakatsugawa Snow festival Last Saturday in February
Nanyo snow lantern festival Early February